After years of collaborating with large teams, these days I prefer to work with individuals and small businesses who need effective, unique, quality designs. My experience and skills combine to provide a thoughtful, clear and creative approach to visual communications. I listen carefully to who you are and what you need and carry that throughout the entire design process. I work hard to ensure that your design will be as individual as you so that it truly reflects you and your business.

Graphic Designs created for the UNSW Heroes Program and Events.
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How I work

My Values

I value all the good stuff: kindness, patience, fairness, creativity, individuality, honesty, sustainability, renewables, small footprints and big belly laughs. I work from my home which is powered by renewables, my finances, (through bank and super) are invested in renewables and reforestation and every day I fight for the wellbeing of our environment. 

Above all, I believe in beauty. Yours, mine, the earth, and the universe beyond. And the beauty we can create together.

What I offer



Bespoke website creation (no templates) using your own material or photography, designs or video imagery I create for you. Together we can build a unique, engaging, affordable website for you and/or your business.

Brand Design: If clean-cut corporate is what you are after, I'm probably not the designer for you. But I'm guessing if you're still reading this, you already know that. Brands are powerful - yes. They are also fun and should reflect multiple facets of the business/person they represent. It's an involved and time-consuming process because it is meaningful.

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Typography: If that sounds like too much for you, I can create a unique typographic mark for you instead. This is a great way to get your unique mark into the world on a budget. 

Printing: However you want to play it is fine by me. I can provide you with the artwork and you arrange printing yourself, or I can manage that for you as well. I prefer to work with environmental and sustainable printers. There are a number of operators in Australia who use 100% post-consumer recycled paper, non-toxic inks and are powered by renewables.

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Desktop Publishing: Ironically, I was doing this before I started working in film all those years ago. I think there is a lot of fun that can be had with desktop publishing design for books, newsletters, flyers and postcards.

A bit about Me

I am currently living and working on the lower Hawkesbury River in NSW and offer services locally, in Sydney and across the world.

Amongst decades of work, and life experience, I studied at the National Art School in Sydney, The Australian Center for Photography and The Graphic Design School, Sydney. I started working with Photoshop in the 1990's and have largely self-taught my way through the adobe suite ever since. I worked in film and television production for 20 years and spent almost half of that teaching the same at the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS).

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Here's my card. Don't hesitate to call or email me to chat about your website or design project, or if you're interested in buying a photograph or artwork.


If you would like to hear from me (maybe once or twice a year about new work or upcoming exhibitions please subscribe here

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It really depends on your needs. The simplest thing to do is pick up that phone or send me an email and we can get talking about your exciting new project.