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Creative websites for creative people

My design process focuses on creating an atmosphere that reflects the person, business, or artist the website is representing.

I live and work on the Hawkesbury River, in northern Sydney and I can collaborate with you anywhere in NSW, Australia or the world.

Find out more about how I work or contact me to discuss your website needs.

Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 3.55_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 3.55_edited.jpg

Caroline has been teaching Iyengar yoga for 37 years from her studio in Redfern, Sydney. After moving to the northern rivers of NSW, it was time to transition the school to an online space that matched her yoga/teaching philosophy.


Our vision for her website was to embrace the viewer from the first moment - to create a safe, warm, glowing space where Caroline could interact with her current and potential students - through her blog, online classes, videos, the annual mentorship program and invitations for retreats.

The website is alive with information and insights. It is a constantly changing landscape which we adapt to the changing needs of Caroline, her students and the environment.

When I Work / creating with Genevieve I am with a listener who is able to intuit and draw out the nub / essence of what I am getting at. She is able to bring her visions to the table based on the interaction. 
She works quickly and diligently with the scope, adding suggestions. She has great simple words, clear language and direct thought and delivery.

I am always  refreshed, focused and uncluttered with a clear brief after our interactions 

Caroline Coggins


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Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 11.43.37 am.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 11.43.37 am.png

Ana Pollak works in sculpture, painting, drawing and hand-drawn animations. Across all her work there is a sense of lightness and air.


It was important that the website did the same - to both hold and reflect the works, giving them the space to breathe and be seen.

Simplicity and elegance were key to our approach.

Making complex things simple is not easy, yet Genevieve achieved just this in her website design for me.

Our collaboration was a creative and enjoyable experience thanks to her innovation, insights, great communication skills and humour.

Ana Pollak


Martin Cole website  still image.png

Martin's work is playful, vibrant, engaging and multi-layered and I wanted his website to reflect the same.


Using elements of his artworks for functionality enhances engagement with his work and was an obvious choice for me. Similarly I wanted to incorporate movement into the website, but was mindful of not overloading the audience or the works themselves. 

My approach is both intuitive and collaborative which allows ideas to flow, coming and going between myself and the client throughout the process.

As with all my clients, Martin has the ability to change the text and images on his website at any time and is also able to contact me for bigger changes when required.

Genevieve's playful, collaborative intelligence made the whole process a delight. Encapsulating a diverse output, her website design successfully resolves the conflicting demands of my portfolio.

Martin Cole


Margaret Tillson website screenshot.jpg

Margaret was looking for an elegant, emotive webpage to launch her new consultancy: Healthy Workplaces in the Creative Industries. We agreed it was important for the imagery to convey strength and peace, energy and balance and I knew she was looking for something unique.


The image I provided from my personal collection of photographs is also used on Margaret's Linkedin profile, enabling her to set a tone across medias.


Bespoke background imagery is something I can provide especially for your website/project. 

Collaborating with Genevieve was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I couldn’t be happier with the website she has created.

Genevieve was patient and generous in her approach, her natural business acumen and creative thinking was especially helpful in providing clarity and direction.


The image she provided is not only beautiful but perfect for its purpose.

Margaret Tillson


Margaret Tillson website screenshot.jpg
David Collins screenshot.jpg

Sydney Artist, David Collins needed to update his website and was looking for a clean white gallery-style space to showcase his work.


An important element of this project was to enable David to manage and update the content of the site himself, adding and subtracting from the galleries as he desires.


Where possible my aim with all clients is to empower them to manage and change their own website content when they need to, without unnecessary ongoing costs.

I found the experience of working with Genevieve very collaborative and was impressed by her professionalism. She was approachable and patient throughout and always willing to share her knowledge, which has enabled me to manage the site, now that it’s up and running.


I am very happy with the finished product. Genevieve’s design input and technical skills have resulted in a very clean look for the website, allowing the artworks to speak for themselves.

David Collins


David Collins screenshot.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 9.01.08 pm.png

The brief was to create a new website for Dangar Island's community association, the Dangar Island League with new energy, an automated membership plan, online access to the local newsletter as well as ease of communication between all community groups and residents.

I had a lot of fun creating this site and where possible used my photographs and videos taken on and around the island to provide fresh energy throughout the website.


Within the first year of the website launching, community engagement through emails and memberships increased by 100%

Just wanting to comment, again, that the DIL website is beautifully done and a real gift to the island residents.

Loving the new D.I.L. website! so beautiful! 

Hi Genevieve,

The website looks great...well done, and thanks for all the thought & effort

Dangar Island residents

Can't tell you how delighted I am that the membership list is integral to the website … more than I could have wished for ...

Dangar Island League Committee member


Screen Shot 2022-03-21 at 2.47.06 pm.png

Jo is on a journey of self-love, discovery and whole-being and she has a lot of love to share.


Her brand and website creation for Living Lotus Love & Wholebing was focused on combining the yoga, meditation and massage services she offers, with her self-love and whole-being coaching.

The lotus flower is an important emblem of Jo's personal and professional journey of growth and renewal .and the narrative of the cycle is a central part of all her practices. It was an obvious choice for the logo for Living Lotus Love.

For the website, I took it a few steps further by creating vector illustrations of the lotus in the phases of emergence, growth, maturity and renewal to use as backgrounds that transition as the user scrolls through Jo's offerings.

The illustrations can be used on multiple platforms in a variety of ways and will be strong symbols for Jo to use as her professional journey continues.


Ruth Cullen screenshot.png
Ruth Cullen screenshot.png

Writer, director, producer, Ruth Cullen approached me to update her website with a priority of online sales of her films.


To engage users and showcase Ruth's work, I edited silent vignettes of her films and placed them throughout the home page, interweaved with quotes and critiques and her mantra "Magical tales about unreal lives". Each scroll reveals another hidden gem.

The new website reflects Ruth's work and personality and the online shop has increased the efficiency of sales.

I love the website Genevieve made for me

- and she was a pleasure to work with.

Ruth Cullen


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