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Eucalyptus Priessiana
  • Eucalyptus Priessiana

    Eucalyptus Preissiana - from an ongoing series, The Yellow Jug.

    The timelessness of the photograph created through the fibro shack backdrop, the old chair, and the vintage yellow jug are a perfect setting for these stunning yellow gum blossoms from western Australia. The Yellow Jug series is focused on slow living and beauty in simplicity. Featuring a 1930s classic Australian kookaburra kettle, and (mostly) Australian wildflowers, the series also serves as a reminder that no matter what, it is always possible, if not necessary, to find the beauty and the joy.

    • Details:

      40 x 57cm with a 1.2cm border on A2
      Pigment print on Hahnemühle German Etching 310gsm

      Framed prints can be purchased in person at Markets or locally (free delivery) in Greater Sydney and Central Coast - contact me for details.

      *Other sizes can be printed on request.

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