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Best Before:

What does the future look like?
Will the rivers and creeks flow or flood?
Will we be able to swim in the ocean or stand in the sun?
Or, is the future a series of photographs of what we once had?

A photograph, once taken, is already an artefact, a moment in time, preserved. By isolating photographs in preserving jars, I am asking people to consider: What can be preserved? What choices are we making each day and what are the consequences of those choices?

The photographs in the jars are symbols of nature and natural environments, contained in everyday household preserving jars. While the water represents earth’s vital aquifers, river systems and oceans which are still under constant threat from oil, gas and coal mining as well as human-generated waste.

If we continue to make choices that do not support earth’s entire ecosystem, what are we really saving? What does real preservation look like? Are we willing to make the sacrifices required?

And what is our ‘Best before’ date?

Series Date: 2023

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