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Preserving: item 744

Preserving: item 744, conveys my frustrations and fears for the earth’s environment. Through exploring motivations and methods of preservation, I am examining our will, ability, and power, to preserve in the Anthropocene. Will it be enough?


‘Preserving: item 744’ shows a photograph suspended in water within a jar on a stainless steel surface. Darkness surrounds the jar, but light penetrates through the glass onto the scene of the bush. Like the environment it depicts, the photograph is isolated, fragile, damaged, and collapsing. It is already a historical artefact – a moment in time, preserved. The jar is full of water: so vital to life, so capable of destruction.

The vintage domestic jar, a universal tool used for preserving food, serves as a reminder of our ability, across time and cultural differences, to do what needs to be done.

Winner: Grand Prize,  Hahnemühle Summer Salon, 2023
Australian Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy, Victoria.

Finalist:  2023 William and Winifred Bowness Prize, the Museum of Australian Photography's annual survey of contemporary photographic practice in Australia.

Also featured in
The Guardian Australia.

In 2024 my exploration of this series continues

Some of my personal and commercial work can be viewed below. 
I am available for interior/exterior, still life and landscape shoots as well as commissioned work and collaborations. Please find out more about working with me here.

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