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An exhibition of recent works by Genevieve Ginty and Martin Cole

Shimmer -Genevieve Ginty and Martin Cole.2022.artalmanac.png

The Cottage, Brooklyn
10 Brooklyn Rd, Brooklyn, NSW

24th September  - 20th November

Open Saturdays and Sundays 10 -3
or by appointment.


About the exhibition

Shimmer is not singular, it is all that creates the moment. The colour, the light, texture, perception, experience, memory, sounds, the quiet, the brilliance, the tonal layering, the crescendo of all the elements brought together. They shimmer.


Martin Cole and Genevieve Ginty seemingly work at opposites, Ginty with sublime tonal photographs and Martin Cole’s gestural abstracts, yet both are capturing the shimmer of the moment and all its component elements, in their unique ways.


Ginty’s photographs are contemplations of subtle hues and colour, illuminating and meditative. Capturing the Hawkesbury River estuary as a shaft of light through lush undergrowth, reflected in the water’s edge. It’s a rare eye that notices the detail of light and colour.  Ginty’s photographs breathe new light into the experience, encouraging another, deeper look.


Cole’s Rorschach text of layered brushstrokes reverberates, revealing and concealing. The multiple readings make for revisiting and re-interpretations. The large scale of Cole’s immersive works, allow for the subtlety of Genevieve’s work to shine. These two artists have brought together, their personal explorations and created another work in the experience of the combined exhibition.

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