The Yoga Centre.jpg

Caroline Coggins, the director of long-running yoga studio, The Yoga Centre, based in East Redfern, Sydney needed to update the existing website.


To meet the brief of providing a sense of peace and the dynamic of flow, movement and breath, I created the video on the homepage which also incorporates the river on which Caroline lives.

Working with her web developer, we created a new site which continues to adapt and evolve along with Caroline and the Yoga Centre. As part of the project, I photographed a new portrait for Caroline's profile.

My professional life has provided many years' experience collaborating with people to create outcomes that meet visual, technical, functional and budget needs.

When I am working / creating with Genevieve, I am with a listener who is able to intuit and draw out the nub / essence of what I am getting at. She is able to bring her visions to the table based on the interaction. 

She works quickly and diligently with the scope, adding suggestions. She has great simple words, clear language and direct thought and delivery.

I am always refreshed, focused and uncluttered with a clear brief after our interactions.

Caroline Coggins

Director - The Yoga Centre